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What we work with

NEW Sony Alpha 1 System supporting incredible 4K resolution video at 120 frames per second for the sharpest super-slow motion recording. And capabilities up to 8K for high-detail shooting.


A wide variety of drones for all situations shooting 4K video resolution up to 120 frames per second and ultra-high resolution photos.

We can offer fully-immersive 360 virtual tours using our in-house 360 expert and host them online for your clients to see.

A multitude of stabilisation solutions for filming in all weathers at sea including the latest DJI Ronin gimbal equipment.

The highest quality native Sony lenses. From art lenses for beautiful creative shots and telescopic zooms for all distances and creative functions.

Ultra-high resolution stills photography shooting a massive 50 megapixels in RAW for ultimate flexibility in editing and big-scale uses.

Terabytes of video storage, hours of battery life and backup equipment to ensure absolute efficiency when shooting.

The fastest and highest-capacity video editing and media capabilities to ensure your content is safe as well as edited as efficiently as possible.

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