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Our Employees are now 'Climate Positive'

We all have a duty to become more sustainable in our approach to everyday business, especially when operating within the marine industry.

As an industry and community, we must be aware of not only our individual carbon footprints when flying around the world to Boat Shows, but physical changes to the marine environment with the presence of more motorboats out on the water.

This is why at Tiger Co, we are making our first steps to becoming more sustainable by certifying our employees as ‘Climate Positive’. This means that we have enrolled in a scheme to carbon offset our estimated footprint on flights around the world and combustion engine mileage around the UK for work.

After just one month being a part of this programme, we have helped remove 2.87 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere and supported almost 4,000 Sq/m of the rainforest in Brazil. This equates to 11 flying hours or 22,712km driven in a car or the production of 695 cheeseburgers!

We look forward to our progress in increasing these numbers as being part of a more sustainable yachting community and industry.

We hope you do too.

Check out for more information on how you can help too.

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