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Who we are and why we love what we do

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  • Harry Tiger LinkedIn

Harry Tiger Doyle first picked up a camera, aged 7 making short stop-motion films with Lego figurines at home. From that moment onwards, his desire to create grew stronger and eventually led to him going down entrepreneurial avenues.

Selling his skillset in the form of promotional videos, websites and social media accounts for local businesses from the age of 11. When he was 12 years old, Harry was given the opportunity by the late founder Robert Braithwaite CBE, DL to film for the renowned luxury yacht manufacturer, Sunseeker International. And since, has relished every challenge set by them.


His talent, knowledge, work ethic and attitude have ensured that his work has been noted by numerous marine and luxury brands.


Founding Tiger Co in 2018, the company now drives content creation and social media marketing for a variety of trusted marine brands.

Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


Founder & Director

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  • Saffron Havana Doyle LinkedIn


Creative Director and Account Manager

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With her passion, creativity and flair for the written word, Saffron Havana is the creative force behind our social media accounts and copywriting. Working closely with our clients, Saffron builds digital marketing campaigns and social media stratergies across the board.


Whether that is bringing in A-list stars and influencers to the table or leveraging symbiotic partnerships for our clients, she is gifted at making everyone look their very best and being completely in tune with our client's audiences.



Content Creator & Drone Pilot

  • Will Jacobs LinkedIn

Having grown up driving boats, tying knots and dinghy sailing - Will is a true yachty though and through. His passion for his craft is second-to-none and he consistently strives to improve, deliver the best and be the best at what he does.

Multi-disciplinary - Will is a videographer, photographer, drone pilot and video editor that specialises in short-form content creation at Tiger Co.


We're always looking for talented videographers, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and anyone that loves what they do!


Lead Deckhand & Video Assistant

  • Josh Chapman LinkedIn

Josh has recently become one of our most valued team players here at Tiger Co, working closely alongside the team on-location.


His passion and extensive knowledge of all things nautical prevails throughout his work as he approaches all jobs with enthusiasm and intuition. His day-to-day task range from managing the logistics on shoots all the way through to captaining any secondary camera vessels with his powerboat advanced commercial endorsement and safety training. 


Josh’s competency ensures Tiger Co’s ocean adventures are being carried out in a safe and logical manner. His job role also includes such tasks as ferrying kit and crew from point A to B (sometimes C & D also), as well as prepping any boats, prior to being shot. Some say he is Tiger Co's very own Bosun!

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